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S.E.O / Digital Marketing Services

Blu-print Web Design specialise in professional SEO & Digital Marketing solutions that will increase visitors to your website and conversion rates.

This will create interest and exposure for your brand and increase brand awareness, attracting more customers which will increase your profits and growth.

SEO & Digital Marketing Campaigns


SEO is the process of targeting words used on your website by optimising your websites content to hold these keywords.

Google see’s your website as being a relative website based on your chosen keywords and will then increase your rank in its search engine. SEO needs to be updated regularly to consistently rank high in googles search engine results.

The first and most important step in SEO is Keyword research, as the keywords you chose for your website will determine whether or not your site will rank high in google’s search engine.


By looking at the keywords you would like to rank for and finding alternatives keywords that your potential customers are actively searching for, you will achieve greater results in your sites rank position and attract more traffic to your website.

Blu-print Web design will work with you, using these findings to keep your websites keywords up to date and relevant to increase your rank over time.

Competitor Analysis

Free reports on the performance of your industry contemporary’s

Google Adwords / PPC

Instant exposure with one of the countries leading PPC Experts.


Local SEO

Strategic localised planning for your SEO presence.

Link Building

We can provide you safe, reliable links to your website

Social Media

Free reports on the performance of your industry contemporary’s

Monthly Reporting

Generated reports so you’re in the loop and up to date


what our customers think...

I'm delighted with my new website and the whole design process provided by blu-print-webdesign. The developed a high quality, affordable website for me and continue to offer me ongoing support with my website. I definately recommend their services.

Sally Groutage


As my first time experience with having a website, blu print has been very helpful in giving me the information I need to make my website a success. I would recommend blu print to anyone who is looking to start up a website themselves.

Lloyd Feare


Working alongside blu print has enabled me to emulate my idea of a website in my head and turn it into a reality. Full usage of the tools available for front end Web design is utilised for maximum functionality, for a budget that's affordable.


Fashion Designer,


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