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Dedicated 24/7 Website Hosting Services

Blu-print Web Design provide professional “Dedicated 24/7 Hosting Services” so you can relax without worrying about security, your website being hacked, website backups, or DNS set up.

Blu-print Web Design assure that your website is always available with “99.8% Uptime”.

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what our customers think...

I'm delighted with my new website and the whole design process provided by blu-print-webdesign. They developed a high quality, affordable website for me and continue to offer me ongoing support with my website. I definately recommend their services.

Sally Groutage


As my first time experience with having a website, blu print has been very helpful in giving me the information I need to make my website a success. I would recommend blu print to anyone who is looking to start up a website themselves.

Lloyd Feare


Working alongside blu print has enabled me to emulate my idea of a website in my head and turn it into a reality. Full usage of the tools available for front end Web design is utilised for maximum functionality, for a budget that's affordable.


Fashion Designer,


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